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Russia France, the US and Canada were the major fighters on Britain's side in WW1 if you would like to find out who else fought you can always Google it

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Q: Who was on britains side in world war 1?
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What were Britains motives for World War 1?

Britains goal was to win the war then continue conquring the world.

Did nationalists want to fight for Britains in World War 1?


How was technology different from world war 1 from the civil war?

For one, in WWI, the Britains rolled out tanks for the first time.

Was Germany on the winning side or losing side of world war 1?

Germany was on the losing side of World War 1.

What date did England join World War 1 and why?

England had joined the Great War when they Declared on Germany for attacking both Belgium and France who were Britains allies

Why Canada shouldn't have enter in first world war 1?

They shouldn't of entered the war because it wasn't there war , it was britains. canada didnt gain anything they only lost.

Which side lost World War I?

The side that lost world war 1 is central powers

What were some of the strengths of Germany in war world 1?

They had a very strong econemy and a large army. Also there navy was almost as big as britains!

What side did Canada take in world war 1?

The first world war was waged between 1914 and 1918. The war was between the allies (non German European powers) and Germany. America kept out of direct commitment to the war (but it did trade with the allies) until 1917 when it sent troops to Europe on the side of the allies.

Who was on the US side in World War 1 but not in World War 2?


Which countries fought against Germany in World War 1 but on Germany's side in World War 2?

Japan and Italy fought against Germany in World War 1 but were on Germany's side in World War 2

What was an average meal for Britains during World War 1?

i really dont know prob stew that's what it said on some other website