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Q: Who was the Morrison shelter named after?
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Why is a Morrison shelter called a Morrison shelter?

They were named after Herbert Morrison, the Minister of Home Security at the time .

What was the size of a morrison shelter?

what is the size of a morrison shelter

Why was an Anderson shelter called an Anderson shelter?

An Anderson shelter was called an Anderson shelter because the person that invented them, his second name was Anderson. Same with a Morrison shelter really.

Who used the Morrison shelter?

It was named after the head of house security, herbert Morrison it called Morrisons, coz it's called MORRISONS! & it was his surename

Why was the shelter called the Morrison shelter?

After Herbert Morrison, the Minister in charge of Supplies.

How much does a Morrison shelter cost?

the Morrison shelter costs 20 pounds

What type of shelter they have?

Anderson shelter or Morrison shelter.

What type of shelter do they have?

Anderson shelter or Morrison shelter.

What were the Morrison shelters in 1941?

Morrison shelters (named after Herbert Morrison) were available to people who had no back garden attached to their homes and were therefore unable to use an Anderson shelter. A Morrison shelter was basically a steel cage that residents could assemble indoors which would give them some degree of protection if their home was hit by a bomb.

How big was the Morrison shelter?

no it is not people it is a shelter

What was more affective in world war 2 Anderson shelter or Morrison shelter?

morrison shelters

What if the Anderson shelter or the Morrison shelter landed on top of you?

You'd be squashed