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John Foster Dulles, Christian Herter, Dean Rusk, William Rogers and Henry Kissinger.

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See websites: Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford.

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Q: Who was the US vice president during the Vietnam war?
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Kennedy was president during what war?

He was president during the cold war and vietnam.

Who was the vice president of the north during the civil war?

Andrew Johnson was Abraham Lincoln's vice president during the civil war.

How did Hubert Humphrey feel about the Vietnam war?

Hubert Humphrey was the Vice President of President Johnson.

George Wallace in the Vietnam war?

no hahah he was running for president during the vietnam war

President of south Vietnam during Vietnam war?

Diem & Thieu

Who was President of the USA during the Vietnam War?

The president of the USA for a major time of the Vietnam War was Lyndon Johnson.

Who Was the Vice President during the Civil Wra?

During the civil war the vice president was Andrew Johnson. Then after President Lincoln was assassinated Johnson became president.

Was Hannibal Hamlin vice president during the civil war?

Adrew Johnson was Vice-President during the last year of the Civil War. Alexander Stevens was the Confederate Vice President. Hannibal Hamlin was the Vice President at first but Lincoln dropped him for Andrew Johnson.

South Vietnam president during the Vietnam war?

Diem, later Thieu.

Did president Nixon ever travel to Vietnam during the Vietnam war?


Who was president during the draft of the Vietnam war?


Who was president during the begging of the Vietnam war?