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This question always draws an argument when asked. Bodycount? Effect

on the battlefield? Most strategic shot? Longest shot? Many factors go

into the equation.

  • The Soviets probably had the finest snipers in WW2, as a group. Vasilli Zaitsev with 224 kills at Stalingrad alone and more than 400 kills in all (some say more than 500) is surely ranked in the top tier. Ludmilla Pavlichenko ranks as the best woman sniper with 309 or

    more kills.

  • Simo Hayha of Finland is credited with more than 500 kills (by sniper, 200 more with an SMG) during only 100 days, in the Winter War.
  • Billy Singh of the Australian Light Horse would be the top WW1 sniper.
  • Carlos Hathcock, USMC during Vietnam, is legendary for (among other things) setting a world record (longest range confirmed kill, stood for 40 years), shooting and killing an enemy sniper through the scope and crawling through 1000 yards of heavily defended enemy territory to eliminate a Viet Cong general on one of his first missions.

Actually, the greatest sniper of WW1 is Francis "Peggy" Pegahmagabow, a Canadian sniper who earned 378 confirmed kills.

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Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Russian with 309 confirmed kills.

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Q: Who was the best woman sniper in world war 2?
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