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For the Merrimack, the captain was Garrett J. Pendergrast.


The commander of Monitor was Capt. (then Rear Admiral) John Lorimer Worden.

That of Merrimac was Commander (then Admiral) Franklin Buchanan. During the fighting he was wounded and substituted by Capt. Catesby Ap Jones..

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The Battle of Hampton Roads (Battle of Monitor and Merrimack) was a naval duel that took place 9 March, 1862. Union commander (of the Monitor): Lieutenant John Worden Confederate commander (of the Merrimack/Virginia): Lieutenant Catesby Jones commanding in place of Capt. Franklin Buchanan.

The former USS Merrimack became the CSS Virginia. The new "ship" battled the USS Monitor.

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Q: Who was the commanders in Monitor vs Merrimack?
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Where did monitor vs merrimack take place?

The monitor vs. Merrimack took place in 1862.

Who were the captains at Monitor vs Merrimack?

Lieutenant John Worden, USN on the Monitor. Captain Franklin Buchanan, CSN on the Virginia (previously the Merrimack).

What was the date for the monitor vs merrimack?

March, 9, 1862.

Who were the generals during the monitor vs merrimack battle?

The Commander of Virginia (the former Merrimack) was CSA Admiral Franklin Buchanan. The Commander of Monitor was USN Captain L. Worden.

Who won monitor vs. merrimack?

It was a Draw because the ships armor was to advanced for the times.

Who won the battle of monitor vs merrimack during civil war?

Tactically, it was a draw, but, strategically, the blockade held; so the Merrimack's mission failed.

Who lost in the monitor vs Merrimack?

None. Both boats were unharmed in the exchange before they retreated.

Where did the battle of Monitor vs Merrimack happen?

In the waters of Hampton Roads on March 9, 1862

What is the greatest battle of the Civil War?

Land; Gettysburg Water; Mobile Bay or Monitor vs Merrimack

How many were in the battle between the Monitor and the Merrimack?

If the question asks only about the crews of the two ships, the Monitor had a crew of 59, and the Merrimack had 320, but the entire two-day Battle of Hampton Roads involved thousands more. The Merrimack was joined by five CSN gunboats, and there were five USN warships at Hampton Roads. [The Merrimack sank two of them before the Monitor arrived.]

How did the north use sea power during civil war?

They used the Monitor in Monitor vs Merrimack. They used boats to transport the soldiers to the Peninsular Campaign,

What was the outcome of the monitor vs. Merrimack?

The battle between the USS Monitor and the formerly known Union ship called the USS Merrimack, was the first ever battle between ironclad warships. The Merrimack had been reconstructed as an ironclad and renamed the CSS Virginia. Although the Monitor received the most damage between the two ships, for all practical purposes it was a draw.