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Probably USAF CPT Ritchie piloting an F4 Phantom with 5 NVAF MiGs.

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Ritchie was last "pilot" ACE, Jeff Feinstein was last ACE, period.  None since.

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Q: Who was the last US fighter ace?
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What is the deadliest fighter plane?

The F-4 Phantom II; the last flying ace's of the 20th century.

What was the last propeller driven US fighter plane?

I believe the Grumman F7F Tigercat was the last operational US propeller fighter.

Who is the highest jet fighter ace in the cold war?

The cold wars not based on fighting. I highly doubt there were any jet fighter ace's in it.

Who was the highest scoring fighter ace in the American army air corps of world war 1?

In 300 combat flight hours, SFC Eddie Rickenbacker was awarded 26 confirmed kills, the highest accomplished US fighter Ace until WW2.

What is the difference between a fighter piolit and an ace?

In order to achieve the title of ace, a fighter pilot must shoot down five or more enemy fighters

What is the word fighter ace in Russian?

истребитель туз

Who is the highest jet fighter ace?

Giora Epstein

How much is an autographed picture of a World War 2 plane worth?

If it's signed by a WW2 US fighter ACE such as Pappy Boyington (US Marine Corps), or Richard Bong (Top US Ace of WW2-US Army Air Force), or any other US WWII "Ace", the item WILL have some value to it. How much depends on condition, authenticity, and how desperate the buyer is to have it.

What is an fact on Vietnam?

Last US aerial combat Ace's of the 20th century.

What war was Roald Dahl in?

He was in world war 2 as a fighter ace

Who was Richard Bong?

He was the highest scoring American fighter Ace of WW2.

Who is the fighter ace in world war 2 from Germany that is born in 1917?

E. Hartmann