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Q: Who was the most war torn after World War 2?
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Teens books about World War 2?

Under a War-torn sky by L.M Elloit. Under a War-torn sky by L.M Elloit.

What were the vietnamese reactions to the Vietnam War?

As in most war torn countries, they adapted to it.

What provided financial aid to war torn Western Europe after World War 2?

Marshall Plan

What were Truman's two main challenges after World War 2 ended?

Contain communism and re-establish a war torn world.

What people did with torn clothes in world war 2?

mended them then wore them

What is the most dangerous war in the world?

The most dangerous war in the world is the Vietnam War.

When was Under a War-Torn Sky created?

Under a War-Torn Sky was created in 2001-10.

How many pages does Under a War-Torn Sky have?

Under a War-Torn Sky has 284 pages.

How did the entrance of the US impact World War 1?

It was important in that it provided a massive new pool of manpower to a war torn Europe.

Is Under a War-Torn Sky a true story?

No just the war Actually, no. The book Under a War-Torn Sky is not a true story. It states that in the back of the book.

Why was World War 2 named the Second World War?

because it was the world war that ended after the first world war. Also referring to world war as a war that has most countries fighting in it.

What actors and actresses appeared in War Torn - 2011?

The cast of War Torn - 2011 includes: Jason Garford Roger Garford as Old War Veteran War Society Great as German Soldiers