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Q: Who was the president in ww 1?
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Who was the president during ww 1?

Woodrow Wilson was the US president during all of WW I.

Was Hitler president of Germany during world war l?

No. In WW 1, he was a corporal in the Army. He was president of Germany in WW 2.

Who was the president of America in the world wars?

Wilson was president during WW I and FDR and Truman presided during WW II/

How many presidents in World War 1?

Woodrow Wilson was the US president during WW I.

What is the result from a cross between the parents Ww and Ww?

The genotypes produced from a cross between Ww and Ww would be: WW Ww Ww ww -The cross between these two genotypes would produce gametes with genotypes in a 1:2:1 ratio.

Who was th first president after World War 1?

Warren Harding took office in March of 1921 and so was the first post WW I president.

Which US president was former commanding general in WW II?

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the US President who was first a supreme commander of allied forces in WW II.

What president was in office during WW1?

Woodrow Wilson was the US president during WW I.

Who was president at the beginning of ww1?

Woodrow Wilson was US President for the entire duration of WW I.

Who was the US president when Germany surrendered in World War 2?

Harry Truman was the US president when WW 2 ended. He had been the vice president when President Roosevelt died in office.

What was the highest badge earned in world war 1 and 2?

In the US the highest award for military valor is the Congressional Medal of Honor, presented by the President. This medal was awarded to combatants in both WW I and WW II

Who was president during WW one and WW two?

Woodrow Wilson was president during W W I. Franklin Roosevelt was President until late in W W II and Harry Truman served for the rest of the war.

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