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Served as senator from South Carolina 1832-1845 as a Democratic Republican and Nullifier, then again 1845-1850 as a Democrat Many senators are colorful figures, but John C. Calhoun goes way beyond that. To say that he is controversial is a massive understatement and his inclusion in this list undoubtedly has to do with a compromise in the modern Senate since he is still revered in the South. Long before John Nance Gardner said that the Vice Presidency wasn't worth a pitcher of warm piss, John Calhoun demonstrated this by running for the Senate (and getting elected) while a sitting Vice President. Calhoun's odd move came because he and President Andrew Jackson didn't see eye to eye on a couple of issues. For example, he strongly believed in nullification, the idea that a state could declare void any federal law it didn't like, something Jackson abhored. In this case, South Carolina didn't like a federal tariff on imported manufacturered goods, which protected Northern factories from cheaper European goods, but simply raised prices in the factoryless South. When South Carolina refused to collect the tariff, Jackson sent in the navy to do it for them. Calhoun also gave a famous speech on the Senate floor in Feb. 1837 entitled Slavery a Positive Good. Suffice it to say, in his long career in the House, Senate, and cabinet, he was a staunch defender of states rights and slavery. To a large extent, his legacy is the Civil War.

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Q: Who was the senator of South Carolina during the Civil War?
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Who was a congressman and senator who spoke for South Carolina during the civil war?

robert smalls

Who was the South Carolina Congressman and senator who spoke for south before and during the civil war?

The South Carolina Congressman and senator who spoke for the South before and during the Civil War was John C. Calhoun. Calhoun was a strong advocate for states' rights and slavery, and his ideas greatly influenced the southern perspective leading up to the war. He was known for his passionate speeches and defense of the South's interests.

Who was the southern senator that attempted to prevent the civil rights act of 1957?

Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina.

What was Benjamin Tillman famous for?

He was governor of South Carolina, Senator from South Carolina, and established Clemson and Winthrop Universities. He was very concerned with agricultural issues after the Civil War.

Which government position did john c calhoun hold during 1850?

Senator of South Carolina

Senator who spoke for south before and during civil war?

John C. Callhoun

Which were the Confederate states during the Civil War?

North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas

Who was the South Carolina Congressman who spoke for the South before and during the Civil War?

I know that before the Civil War, John C. Calhoun was the congressman who led to the session of South Carolina.

During the Civil War which state seceded first?

south Carolina

Where did rice grow in the south during the civil war?

Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and South Carolina

Did North Carolina fight for the North or the South during the civil war?

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Senator from South Carolina who defended the states' rights doctrine?

Before the Civil War, a dispute arose between the north and the south concerning states' rights. In South Carolina, Sen. John C Calhoun was a vocal spokesman for the South on this issue.