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Try researching; The American War Library.

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Q: Who was the sergeant that was killed before the My Lai Massacre?
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How many people were killed during the your Lai Massacre?


The soliders of which nation committed the MY Lai massacre?

The united states mistakingly killed them thinking they were viet cong

What is so famous about your Lai?

See: My Lai Massacre.

What is the mylai incidence?

The My Lai incident is sometimes referred to as the My Lai Massacre. In this incident, US soldiers killed a large number of women, children, and elderly people in a village in Vietnam.

How many people died during the my lai massacre?

Those figures change, based upon the writer's resources: See website: My Lai Massacre.

Did the mylai massacre happen before the TET Offensive?

The answer is NO! it happened after. Tet offensive happened on New Years, but My Lai massacre happened on 16 March 1968

How many civilians were killed by American soldiers at My Lai on March 16 1968?

Although the exact number isn't known, the My Lai Massacre killed somewhere between 347 and 504 civilians, including men, woman, children, and even infants.

Which nation committed the your Lai massacre?


How was the your lai massacre shown on TV?

It wasn't.

Was a massacre at Phu Bai Vietnam?

my lai

What were some illegal war acts in the Vietnam war?

My Lai Massacre Hue Massacre Dak Son Massacre

What was Four Hours in My Lai about?

"Four Hours in My Lai", by Michael Bilton and Kevin Sim (1993). Is a book about the 1968 My Lai massacre.