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Q: Who was winning World War 1 before the US joined?
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Which country joined world war 1 one year before it ended?

the USA Joined the war in 1917

What was France role war world 1?

they were an allie in 1914 before the US joined the war

Who was Britain's biggest World War 2 ally before the US joined the war?

France and Poland ...before the war this may have been correct but if your talking before the U.S. joined the war and by biggest you mean providing Men & War material then I would have to say it was Canada.

What are long term reasons that Italy joined World War 1?

Italy is keen to be on the winning side in WW1. Therefore they took time to see which way the wind blew ! In 1915 they joined the Allies.

What happened the day before the US joined the world war 2?

The united states was bombed by japan and they joined WW2 to kick their butts.

What important thing went on before the US joined the War World II?

I Think You Mean World War II? (WWII) One Thing Before WWII Was The Great Depression.

2nd world no of winning countries?

2nd world war no of winning countries

When and how did the great depression ended?

1944 when the USA joined the World War 2

What was the expectations of the war when soldiers joined in World War 1?


Did US enter World War 1 before or after England?

After. Britian was one of the original contenders in the war whereas America only joined years later

When did Russia join World War I?

Russia joined world war 1 in 1914

Were Americans in World War I?

Yes. They joined the World War One in the year of 1917.