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They're called mercenaries.

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Q: Who were hired soldiers who served in a foreign army?
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Who were the hired soldiers who served in a foreign army?


What are hired soldiers who serve in a foreign army the hessians used in the revoutionary war by British?

the british

Who were the soldiers that served the army of Hitler?

the people that served the army was hitler himself

How many black soldiers served in the civil war?

58 IMPROVEMENT In all 178,975 blacks soldiers served in the Union Army.

How many US Army Soldiers served in the Army in World War 2?


How many union soldiers served in the army that were under 18?


Did Egyptians use slaves for the army?

Yes many soldiers captured in battle were hired as mercenaries

What gave the british army advantage over the Continental Army as the war began?

that the brithish had more soldiers (5,ooo) an hired

Soldiers served US in 1940?

The US had a standing Army & Navy in 1940.

Where did the soldiers come from?

British Soldiers have served on virtually every continent throughout history. Although large portions of the British Army have been made up of Commonwealth nations, the bulk of the British Army soldiers are of British origin.

Do soldiers of foreign nations attend US Army Ranger School?

Yes. Soldiers from any foreign military with friendly relations to the U.S. can and do attend Ranger School. Usually about 5% of a graduating ranger class are international soldiers.

How many German soldiers served in the German army during World War 1?

The number of German soldiers who served in the German Military in World War I was 13,250,000. The number of American military personnel that served during World War I was 4,743,826.