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The Berlin Airlift ensured many East Berliners were taken care of. The Main personalities in this project were England and America.

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Q: Who were historical personalities involved in the Berlin Airlift?
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Where is the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation in Farmingdale New Jersey located?

The address of the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation is: Po Box 782, Farmingdale, NJ 07727-0782

What USAF squadrons were involved in the Berlin Airlift?

NATO was involved and the allies of France

What countires were involved in the Berlin airlift?

The Berlin Airlift was the US program to remain influential in West Berlin, Germany in response to the Soviet embargo - blocking incoming goods from West Germany to West Berlin. The airlift provided necessary goods and supplies to the residents of the city for two years, until the Soviets rescinded the trade barrier. People involved could be directly the Germans of West Berlin, the Soviets, and the Americans (specifically Harry Truman, the President at the time who gave support to the airlift).

What humanbeings were involved in the Berlin airlift?

US Airmen flew the missions to drop supplies over the Berlin Wall.

What was NATO's role in the Berlin airlift?

Not so much NATO's role in the Berlin Airlift, but the Berlin Airlift in the role of the forming of NATO is more important.

In response to the blockade of Berlin the US and Great Britain?

Began to airlift supplies to Berlin (:A+

What action was it called when the Soviets blocked the Allies' access to Berlin and the US had to airlift in supplies?

The Berlin Airlift.

What is the population of Berlin during the Berlin Airlift-Blockade?

The population of West Berlin at the time of the blockade and airlift (1948-49) was about 2 million.

What happened to the Berlin blockade in 1948?

The Berlin Airlift

Is the Berlin airlift the same as the Berlin blockade?

No. The Soviets instituted the Berlin blockade, so the allies initiated the Berlin airlift to get supplies to civilians inside the blockaded city.

What was the outcome of the Berlin Airlift in May 1949?

The Berlin Airlift proved to the USSR the US would not let Berlin be cut off. The USSR wanted to starve Berlin into joining them.

What counties were involved in the Berlin airlift?

The United States and Great Britain were the nations who lifted supplies into West Berlin. The Soviet Union had blockaded the city in the first place.