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The Palmer Raids of 1919 targeted radical left-wing people, especially proponents of anarchy. Immigrants, particularly those from Germany and Ireland, were also singled out during these raids, often because of their radical beliefs.

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Suspected Communists and Anarchists

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Q: Who were the Palmer Raids of 1919 conducted against?
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What were the palmer raids?

raids on groups who's operations took place in secret.

Set up special division in the justice department to conduct raids against radical organizations?

A. Mitchell Palmer launched a special campaign in the U. S. Justice Department against radical organizations. This was known as the Palmer Raids which occurred in November of 1919 and January of 1920.

Palmer raids targeted what?

The Palmer Raids (1919-1920) involved mass arrests and deportation of suspected communists and radicals at the height of the post-World War I era red scare.

Who was The attorney general in 1919?

A. Mitchell Palmer served as the Attorney General of the United States in 1919. He was known for his involvement in the Palmer Raids, which targeted suspected radicals and anarchists during the Red Scare.

The Palmer Raids a series of mass arrests of alleged radicals in 1919 and 1920 occurred because of?

The red scare

What were the effects of the palmer raids on American society?

The Palmer Raids were a series of controversial raids by the U.S. Justice and Immigration Departments from 1919 to 1921 on suspected radical leftists in the United States. The palmer raids increased the man power and funding for the BOI (Bureau of Investigation) which later became the FBI. Even though Americans were worried about communists and anarchists the palmer raids were intended to rid, they were also worried about their government acting as vigilantes, breaking into homes and arresting people with little concern for due process of law. To arrest people who were thaought to be radicals NOVANET

Who was the US attorney general who led investigations on suspected communists from 1919 to 1921?

A. Mitchell Palmer was the United States Attorney General who led raids on suspected communists. He was Attorney General from 1919 to 1921.

Who was a US attorney general that launched a series of raids?

Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer let a series of raids for a three month period in late 1919 and 1920. the raids were intended to get rid of anarchists and during this time over 10,000 arrests were made.

Who was A. Mitchell Palmer?

A. Mitchell Palmer was a lawyer and legislator and, from 1919-1921, he was Attorney General of the United States. He is best known for his highly publicized campaigns against suspected radicals, which started the Red Scare of 1919-1920.

When did Jackson Palmer die?

Jackson Palmer died in 1919.

When did Thomas Palmer Whittaker die?

Thomas Palmer Whittaker died in 1919.

When did Albert Palmer - Australian politician - die?

Albert Palmer - Australian politician - died on 1919-08-14.