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SS Guards were guards and security troops from the SS, not the regular army- strictly speaking they were auxiliary Police, as the SS was a Police agency. there were some purpose-trained executioners who did the real dirty tasks such as working the release valves for the Cyclone-B Cyanide pellets at the Concentration camps- then there were humorously nicknamed (Gold Diggers) who were damage-control men who field stripped dead prisoners for belongings, gold, teeth fillings, eyeglass frames, a most cruel and inhuman ( recycling) n atually this stuff was melted down and recycled for Money for the Hate Machine. whew! ___ The concentration camps and extermination camps were run by the SS Death Head units. They saw themselves as an elite, superior to the armed forces.

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Q: Who were the SS guards in the Holocaust and what did they do and why?
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How many germans were killed during the holocaust?

It's known to be that 700 SS Guards were killed due to heavy resistance by the prisoners in the camps and Ghettos, most of this was done during the Warsaw uprising where 300 SS guards were killed and 1,000 wounded. However, if you include during liberation then 900 SS Guards were killed, most of them were from Dachau, this was known as the Dachau massacre. see related links.

How many staff were there at Auschwitz?

At least 7,500 SS Guards worked at Auschwitz and all of the Sub camps during the Holocaust.At least 7,500 SS Guards worked at Auschwitz and all of the Sub camps during the Holocaust.

What are German SS men?

Schutzstaffel (abbreviated to SS, which translates to Protective Squadron), they were Hitler's praetorian guards (special guards).

Why America got involved in the Holocaust?

During the Holocaust, Americans had a role in liberating concentration camps and fighting with the Allies.

Who became kapos in the holocaust?

The Kapos (Capos) were chosen by the SS guards. The prisoners had no say in the matter.

Who were the prisoners working for during the holocaust?

The SS.

What does the SS in the holocaust stand for?

It stands for Schutzstaffel.

Who did the most killing in the Holocaust?

Adolf Hitler appointed Heindrich Himmler to create the "Final Solution". This led to the implementation of concentration camps, were the ss guards, ss killing squads, and doctors did most of the killing. Also, other prisoners were forced to assist in the murdering of innocent lives.

What were the guards like during the Holocaust?

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In the Holocaust Were all SS bad?

Personally i think that in the second world war, every soldier of every nation were all doing the same thing! Doing what they were told! The Schutzstaffel (SS) were good at being told what to do. The SS were basically Hitlers body guards and the elite squad of the Wehrmacht, similar to the British Royal Marines! Hope this helps!

Did The SS include the Concentration Camp leaders and guards?

Yes, the camps were run and largely staffed by the SS.

Who are the SS during the holocast?

the main role of the SS during the Holocaust was to run the concentration camps.