Who were the allies of wwll?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Japan and Hungry.

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Q: Who were the allies of wwll?
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Who won WWll?

The allies won the war over the axis power.

Who battled the allies in WWll?

Germany, Japan, and Italy were the Main Axis powers but Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary were also against the allies.

Supreme commander in chief of allies?

supreme commander during WWll was D.Eisenhauer

How did the responses of the US and the USSR affect the outbreak of the WWll?

The responses of the US and the UUR did cause a major inclination in the outbreak of the WWII as allies combined.

What is the name of the 2 sides of WWll?

The Axis Powers included Germany, Italy and JapanThe Allies included Britain, France, Russia and the United States

What allied countries fought in WWll?

what allied countries fougth in wwll

Is the wunderwaffle DG-2 real?

No but there is a similar design In WWll it was suppose to be used to kill the allies but the wunderwaffle can kill the person in front of you and you as also, it was built in to the MP44 or others say STG-44

Why did the US enter WWll in Europe?

The Us entered WWll because Japan bombed Perl Harbor.

What are PBYs?

they are planes that were in wwll

Who were the Allies for the United States in World War II?

Great Britain, France, and Canada. Major allies during WWl were France, United Kingdom, Russia, US Major allies during WWll were US, France, Great Britain, Soviet Union

What was the last battle of wwll?


What year did the wwll end?