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The Big 3 at the Paris Peace Conference could have been any of four who were considered the Big 4 at that conference. Those four men were, British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, Premier Vittorio Orlando from Italy, President Woodrow Wilson from the United States, and Premier Georges Clemenceau from France.

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France: Georges Clemenceau, UK: David Lloyd George, US: Woodrow Wilson, Italy: Victtorio Orlando

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Q: Who were the big four that attended the peace conference after World War 1?
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What are the four world leaders attended Versailles Peace conference?

the four world leaders that attended Versailles Peace Conference were: Woodrow Wilson, Vittorio Orlando, David Lloyd George, and George Clemenceau

The big four who attended the peace conference at the end of world war 1 were leaders from the US Britain France and?

I believe it was the 'big three' not four

Who were the big four that attended th peace conference that ended World War 1?

The Big Four were: The United States, Britain, France, and Italy.

Two of the three men sent to represent America at the peace conference?

The Paris Peace Conference took place in 1918 after the last battle of World War I. There was one American at the conference, Woodrow Wilson who was a part of the Allied Big Four.

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What was the nickname for the leaders who dominated the talks at the paris peace conference?


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The big four peace makers at the Paris peace conference were the United states Britain France and which other country?

The Paris Peace Conference in 1919, also known as Versailles Peace Conference, Involved diplomats from 32 countries including major powers France, Britain, Italy, Japan and the United States.

Who represented Italy an the negotiations in world war 1?

Prime Minister Vittorio Emanuele Orlando was one of the "Big Four" and represented Italy at the Versailles Peace Conference.

The big four peacemakers at the Paris peace conference were the us Britain France and which other country?


The nations that dominated the Paris peace conference namely Britain France Italy and the US?

The Big Four

What were the four nations that dominated the Paris peace conference in 1919?

1.Great Britain, 2.France, 3.United States, and 4. Italy.