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Its unknown, well i mean there were leaders but i dont know 'em

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Q: Who were the generals in the battle of Hampton roads?
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When did Battle of Hampton Roads happen?

Battle of Hampton Roads happened on 1862-03-08.

What was the first battle in 1862?

The Battle of Hampton Roads.

Where was the Battle of Hampton Roads fought and what was the terrain like?

Hampton Roads, Virginia, just off the coast. it was a naval battle, so... wet?

Who won at the Battle of Hampton Roads?

it was a tie

Which ship defeated the Merrimac at the Battle of Hampton Roads?

The Union warship USS Monitor defeated the Confederate warship USS Merrimack in the Battle of Hampton Roads. This is also known as the Battle of the Ironclads.

What was the first naval battle during the civil war?

The Battle of Hampton Roads.

How long did the battle of Hampton roads last?

69 days

Where did the battle of the Monitor and the Merrimack take place?

Hampton Roads

The Battle of Hampton Roads was significant because?

Iron clad ships were introduced into battle

Where was the US Civil War Battle of Hampton Roads fought?

The Battle of Hampton Roads was fought over the two day period spanning March 8-9, 1862 in Hampton Roads. Hampton Roads is basically a ship dock in Virginia where the James River meets the Nansemond and Elizabeth Rivers right outside Chesapeake Bay. It was the first time in naval warfare that two ironclads met in battle. As an aside the sinking of Union ships at Hampton Roads by the CSS Virginia caused a delay in the Union's Peninsula campaign.

Where was the battle of monitor v merrimack?

It took place into Hampton Roads.

How long was the battle of Hampton roads?

march 8-9 1862