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When the British realized that they were going to have to evacuate Dunkique, they assigned General Sir Harold R. L. G. Alexander to take charge as he had done a great job of evacuation of Burma.

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The generals were Lord Gort, Georges Blanchard, René Prioux, and Gerd von Rundstedt. There were no American leaders or commanders.

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Q: Who were the generals leading the Battle of Dunkirk?
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Who were the leading generals involved in the battle of Britain?

Generals Goering and Dowding were involved in the Battle of Britain.

Where did the battle off Dunkirk take place?

On the beaches of Dunkirk.

What followed the battle of Dunkirk?

The Battle of Britain

Who were the leading generals of the battle of Appomattox?

General Sherman of the Union and General Robert E. Lee of the Confederacy.

What was Ptolemy's expertise?

One of Alexander the Great's generals, so I assume leading men into battle was his expertise.

What was the start and finish of the battle of Dunkirk?

The Battle of Dunkirk started on May 26, 1940 and was over June 4, 1940.

What are facts about the battle of Dunkirk?


Did the battle at Omaha beach come after the battle of Dunkirk?


Why was the battle of Dunkirk important?

Because after the German victory at Dunkirk, it opened all of France to Germany.

When was battle of Dunkirk?

Dunkirk started on 24th May 1940 and ended on 4th June 1940.

Who were the leading generals of sevastopol battle during World War 2?

Erich von Manstein and Ivan Yefimovich Petrov .

Who were your allies in the battle of Dunkirk?

Britain and France