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From a US perspective only, in order from 1955-1975(technical start to finish) the Presidents were Dwight Eisenhower, JFK, Lyndon B. Johnson,Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford during this time. Military leaders included William Westmoreland. Diplomatic leaders included Robert MacNamara and Henry Kissinger. I'm sure someone else can elaborate more fully on this question but this does give you some of the key names.

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Q: Who were the leaders in the Vietnam War?
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Was Lyndon Johnson in the Vietnam war?

As with MOST senior leaders during the Vietnam War, LBJ was a WWII veteran.

Leaders of Vietnam Who is Captain Squita?

Try the "American War Library."

Leaders of South Vietnam during war?


What effect did the Vietnam war have on American people?

It underminded public trust in American leaders.

What did the Pentagon Papers reveal during the Vietnam's war?

American leaders misled Congress and the American people about the war.

Why were many African American leaders oppoesed to the Vietnam war?

They saw the Vietnam War and oppression against blacks as symptoms of the same unjust political, economic, and social systems.

Who did Americans support as leader of Vietnam?

Most US leaders supported the war, midway the same leaders opposed the war.

Was the Watergate during the Vietnam War?

Yes. Nixon enemies, the anti-war demonstrators (one of their leaders), had papers in the Watergate hotel.

Who were the leaders in Asia during the Cold War?

Ho Chi Minh from Vietnam and Mao Zedong from China.

Who were the leaders of Vietnam in the Vietnam War?

NVA General Giap vs USA General Westmoreland. Ho chi min vs John F Kennedy

What effects did the Cold War have on Vietnam?

Vietnam gave the "cold war" leaders the opportunity to perfect their "cold war" actually using them in combat; e.g. the B52 & the MiG21 for example. SAMs and their accompanying radars as another example.

Who were the leaders of North and South Vietnam at the time of the Vietnam War?

At the time of the Vietnam War, North Vietnam was led by Ho Chi Minh, who was the founder of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. South Vietnam was led by President Ngo Dinh Diem until 1963 when he was overthrown and later by Nguyen Van Thieu.