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The President of US was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Prime Minister of France was Edouard Daladier.

The dictator of the USSR was Josef Stalin.

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Maneuverings ,& Britain

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Q: Who were the leaders of the big three?
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Three big leaders who set overall allied strategy?

The big three were FDR, Stalin, and Churchill.

Who were the big three leaders at the end of the Russian revolution?

lenin trotsky rykov

Who were the three leaders at potsdam?

The Big Three: Truman, Churchill, and Stalin. Clement Attlee later replaced Churchill.

What was the group name of allied leaders at Versailles during World War 1?

The big three, sometimes the big four, but the leader of Italy was sidelined. The big three, sometimes the big four, but the leader of Italy was sidelined.

Who was the Big Three Allied leaders?

Winston Churchill , Joseph Stalin and Franklin Delano Roosevelt .

The big three allied leaders met to discuss the postwar world at yalta in?

Soviet Union

Which leaders were known as the big three?

Joesph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Who were the Big Three leaders who set the overall Allied strategy?

In the European Theater of Operations the Big Three were UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, US President Franklin Roosevelt and Soviet Union leader Stalin. That is who the BIG THREE refer to when you hear about the allied forces in Europe. There were many other countries that were allies too but those three countries and men were the leaders. They were also leaders of the Pacific Theater but Stalin did not get involved much with the Japanese axis problem until the end of the war.

What meeting did the leaders of the Big Three agree to the division of Germany following world was 2?

The Yalta Conference .

Which Allied leaders comprised the Big Three during World War 2?

Stalin , Churchill and Roosevelt .

What leads the beer industry?

The three big leaders in the beer industry are Anheuser-Busch, Miller, and Coors.

Who were the big three countries?

The Big Three were the leaders of the three major Allied countries in World War II. They were Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin. You could consider their countries the Big Three, in which it would be the United States, United Kingdom, and Soviet Union.