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It depends. If it is the cheap plastic furniture, then you might as well buy it new. If it is higher quality furniture, then it will be Ok to buy it secondhand.

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Germany:Adolf Hitler



Soviet Union: Joseph Stalin

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Austria and Germany.

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Q: Who were the main characters of world war 2?
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Main things about world war 2?

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What was the main battle in Europe in World War 2?

d day was the main war in europe.

Which are the 2 main countries of world war 2?

NewZealnd and Australia were the main countries that were involved

What were the two main theatre of war in World War 2?

Europe and The Pacific.

Why do Americans think they were important in World War 1 and World War 2?

because they are isolated from the main continent and were out of war.

Who were the 2 main countries in World War 2?

japan and germany where the two main countries in ww2

What 2 characters encouraged children to eat more vegtables in world war 2?

Tom and Jerry

What were the main weapons uses in world war 2?


What were the main targets of the Blitz in the World War 2?


What were main reasons for world war 2?

racism and resources

What was the main disease during World War 2?


What was the main sex that got sent to the World War 2?

Over a Million men went to war and 350,000 women served in World War 2.