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The people that were involved in the conscription debate were the parents of the boys because they didn't agree. :)

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Q: Who were the people involved in the conscription debate and why?
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What did the government do to get people to fight in world war 1?


How did the conscription debate divide Australian society in World War 2?

Yes, there are different aspects that divided the economy in ww1. the first reason was conscription; this was a term given to a law that was attempted to be made in ww1 times. if approved it meant that all men from 18-up would be forced to go to war. a lot of people disagreed with this and so the economy was split into agreers and disagreers of conscription. another reason was 'the white feather'. if a man did not go to war willingly he would usually be sent a white feather which symbolises cowardliness. some people agreed with the white feather and some people didn't so again this caused a division of economy. some people disagreed with war completely which would have caused debates.

Why was conscription introduced in World War 2 when the majority of people opposed it in World War 1?

The main reason that conscription was introduced in World War 2 was mostly because of how many soldiers died in WW2. Also, people realized that Hitler was committing mass genocide. The seven million innocent Jewish people that Hitler killed, were more than enough to silence those who disagreed with conscription.

Was conscription used in WW1?

No. The people of Australia voted "No" in two separate referendums.

What are the similarities and differences of conscription in Canada during World War I and 2?

African American were drafted into both World Wars, but into integrated units in WWII. The Draft was begun before America enter WWI. By WWII the draft was enforced at the federal and local government level by armed forces.

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How did the conscription debate divide society?

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Did the US have conscription only in 1964?

yes they had conscription, boys over the age of 16 had to be involved

Forcing people into military service?

It is conscription (or drafting).

How did the conscription debate divide Australia in ww1?

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Why people joined they war?


What is the definition of conscription?

conscription is the mandatory military service for both the people that are chosen in the death lottery and in the army.

When the army forces people to be sloders?


How was propaganda used in australia during the conscription campaign of ww1?

Propaganda was used in Australia during World War I to sway public opinion towards conscription. It involved exaggerating the threat to Australia, questioning the loyalty of those who opposed conscription, and portraying conscription as necessary for the survival of the nation. This propaganda campaign divided the country, leading to two referendums on conscription in 1916 and 1917, both of which were defeated.

Antiwar groups Vietnam war?

The primary concern with the anti-war groups, was being personally involved with it. Had there been no draft (conscription), the anti-war demsonstrations would not have been that intense. Masses of people normally don't riot...unless they are involved...being drafted INVOLVED THEM!

What is the difference between recruitment and conscription?

Recruitment is looking for people to voluntarily fill a position. Conscription is forcing people into a position, most commonly governments forcing people into the military.

What issue impacted upon the prime minister Billy Hughes?

The argument and debate about conscription had the greatest impact on Australian Prime Minister Billy Hughes.

What two men were in the great debate?

Daniel Webster and Henry Clay were the two men involved in the "Great Debate."