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With few exceptions (if any), ALL WARS have had spys. The US Military has intelligence sections within each respective headquarters element; they live off of information.

During the Viet War, actual spying and communication would normally be conducted via that person's nationality; e.g. Laos/Cambodian/North Vietnamese or South Vietnamese personnel. Then, the information would be fed through the appropiate agency; Naval Intelligence/Army/Air Force/etc. Translators were an integral part of the Intel world (they still are).

During the Vietnam War, US Spy Planes were commonly used: SR-71 Blackbird (two were lost during operational crashes); U-2 (one lost to operational crash), and UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)...North Vietnamese MIG pilots would shoot down our UAV's for "Dog Fighting Practice" (Aerial Combat).

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Q: Who were the spies in the Vietnam war?
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