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Q: Who were the two superpowers left after world war 2?
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What Two superpowers were left after the end of world war 2 are the?

USA and ussr

What two superpowers developed after the end of World War 2?

there was only one superpower left after ww2 and that was the allies

After World War 2 the US and Soviet Union emerged as the world's two what?

They emerged as the two superpowers. They both were very strong and showed their strength in World War 2. The power of these two superpowers led to the Cold War.

Who were the two superpowers to come out of World War 2?


Who are the two big superpowers after World War 2?


What two superpowers led the Cold War after World War 2?

The Soviet Unioon and the United States.

How has the end of the cold war reshaped global politics?

It was the end of two superpowers, leaving the US as the sole superpower of the world It was the end of two superpowers, leaving the US as the sole superpower of the world

How did the world responded to the issues of War and Peace after the cold war?

The superpowers controlled the world. If lesser nations disrupted world peace, the superpowers intervened.

Which nations were superpowers after world war 2?

The United States and the Soviet Union were the Superpowers after World War 2.

What two superpowers were involved in the Cold War?

The people that were involved in the cold war was the Soviet Union, Communist world, and the non-communist world (The US and the USSR)

Which nation successfully maintained neutrality when it came to dealing with the two superpowers following World War 2?


Why did the two superpowers never fire a shot?

Based on weapons stockpiles, there was mutually assured destruction if the two superpowers went to war