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Trinidad was a colony of Britain in World War One, so technically, Britain's enemies would have been its enemies also.

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Q: Who were trinidad's opposing countries of in World War 1 and two?
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Why did countries fall out in World War 1?

Countries fell out in World War 1 because of failure to honor agreements or the signing of fresh agreements with enemy countries that counteracted the initial agreements. Other times, e.g. in the case of Italy, the opposing sides made better offers that made some countries abandon their original allies.

What was the opposing side called in World War 2?

The Axis .

Were the countries opposing the central powers in World War 1 referred to as the Allies as in World War 2?

most but not all the Russians fought with the Germans in the invasion of Poland. but after that the German got greedy and attacked the Russians who swapped over to the allies and helped win the war.

What were Russia's opposing factions in world war 1?

Germany and Itlay

What were the names of the opposing forces in World War 2?

Allies and Axis

What were the two opposing sides of world war 1 fighting for?


Did the us and france enter the cold war after world war 2?

No countries really 'entered' the Cold war, this was not an official 'declared' war. It was so called because of the opposing ideology of the Soviet system and the democratic western countries who made up the NATO Alliance. France was part of NATO until 1966 and then left.

What was the axis powers during World War 2?

The Axis Powers were the powers opposing the Allied Powers during World War 2. They consisted of Germany, Japan, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania along with a few other countries referred to as "co-belligerents."

What is a world war?

A world war is a war who is included every countries

What was the two opposing countries fought in the alamo war?

Mexico/Spanish vs Texas (Texans)/United States

What is world war?

When countries all over the world are in a war.

What war was the US and Russia were on opposing sides in?

It was the Cold War,which started in 1945,and ended in 1991,but there are still tensions between the two countries today.