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"See, The Lost Battalion" with Rick Schroder

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Q: Who won the Battle of Argonne in World War 1?
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Who won the battle of Meuse-Argonne?

The Meuse-Argonne Offensive was fought during World War I between the United States and France on one side, and Germany on the other. The U.S. and France won the battle.

Who won the battle of Argonne Forest?

The battle of the Argonne Forest, also known as the Meuss-Argonne offensive, was the last major campaign of World War I, from September 26 to November 11, 1918 (the armistice). The American and French troops forced the Germans to retreat, and with the collapse of the Hindenburg Line, the Germans sued for peace.

Who won battle of Britain World War 2?

The allies were successful in the Battle of Britain.

Who won the Battle of Britan in World War 1?

Britan won the battle.

What was the battle that won World War 2?

No specific battle 'won' ww2. But you're probably refering to the battle of Berlin.

Who won the Atlantic battle during world war 2?

The Battle of the Atlantic was won by Britain and her Allies .

Who won the first battle in world war 2?


Who won the battle of Britain World War 2?

The allies

Who won the battle between the Japanese and the Americans during world war 2?

The Americans won.

What was the shortest battle of World War 2?

The shortest battle of world war 2 was Battle of Mustarsd and Ketchup in 1944. MAny ketchup packets were lost. Mustard won the battle took place for 3 minutes.

Who won the battle at the Dardanelles during World War 1?

Central Powers Victory

Who won the verdun battle?

The Verdun Battle of World War I ended in a victory for France. the battle lasted throughout most of the year 1916