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The Confederates under Stonewall Jackson

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Q: Who won the battle of port republic?
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When did Battle of Port Republic happen?

Battle of Port Republic happened on 1862-06-09.

When was the battle of port lavaca?

the confederate army won the battle

Who won the battle of Port Royal in the civil war?


How long did the battle of Port Republic took?

It lasted for a few hours. The battle occurred on June 9, 1862.

What was the significance of the battle of port royal?

the union won with only 31 casualties. this battle lasted from may 3-7 1861

Where is the Port Republic Historical Society in Port Republic New Jersey located?

The address of the Port Republic Historical Society is: 14 Saint Johns Lane, Port Republic, NJ 08241

What state won independence after a war with Mexico?

Texas won their independence at the Battle of San Jacinto.

Did battle of gavelston win or lose?

It was won by the confederates and lost by the union and the port remained under condfederate control for the rest of the war

Which came first Etruscans control Rome Romans win battle of zama Romans destroy Carthage Roman republic established?

Etruscans control Rome, Roman Republic established, Battle of Zama won by Romans, Romans destroy Carthage. A+

Who won the ancient Battle of Cannae and did this stop the spread of Rome?

Hannibal won the battle during the Second Punic War. No, it did not stop the spread of Rome. The Republic of Rome lasted for another 200 years, then gave way to the Empire of Rome.

Who won in the battle of Gonzales?

The Texans won this battle. The Texans won this battle.

Which battle was fought first the battle at fort Henry or the battle at port royal?

The battle of Port Royal was fought first.