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Q: Who won the battle of spotsylvania court house?
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Who won the battle spotsylvania court house?

Its inconclusive

Who won the battle of Spotsylvania?

The Battle of Spotsylvania was inconclusive. There was no winner.

Who won the spotsylvania battle?

No one won. They forefitted.

How did the battle of spotsylvania effect the north?

the North won the Battle of Spotsylvania so it effected them by promoting their cause.

What battle won the Civil War?

Appomattox court house

Who won the battle of guilford court house the british or the militia?


Who won appomattox court house?

it wasn't a battle. it was here where Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant to end the Civil War. (The Court House at Appomattox.) Actually, there was a battle of Appomattox too (sorry to correct you). And the Union army won. 500 confederates were killed and 27,805 surrendered. Only 164 Union soldiers were killed one more correction- it wasn't at the Court House at Appomattox, the town was called "Appomattox Court House." The official surrender between Lee and Grant took place at a farmer's home there. ya that person is right it was a battle that the union won, and it was the battle that led to the battle in Texas that ended the Civil War.

Who won the Battle at Spotsylvania?

Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia. It was an expensive win - it cost him his cavalry leader J.E.B. Stewart

Who won the great victory at guilford courthouse?

The person who won the Guilford Court House battle was General Nathanael Green. I think that's right but I might be wrong

Five major battles of the Civil War?

because they just did. they were better than the south Se and Ch The question was not "Who won the Civil War" The question was "Five major battles of the Civil War?" And you didn't answer it correctly- lucky3900

What army won the US Civil War Battle of Spotsylvania in 1864?

The Confederates held their positions during the battles around Spotsylvania. Casualties were heavy on both sides and during the fighting, Confederate cavalry general JEB Stuart was killed at Yellow Tavern.

Why were the battles of bunker hill and Guilford Court house empty Victories for the British?

Although the British had won the Battle of Bunker Hill, out of 2,200 soldiers engaged, about half were casualties