Who won the battle wilderness?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lee - by forcing Grant to fight in forested terrain where the Union advantage in artillery could not be exploited.

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Noone won because the battle was inconclusive...general grant kept his offensive going, however, the confederates had less people that were wounded and died.

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Q: Who won the battle wilderness?
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Who won at the battle of the wilderness?

grant won the battle, the union army

Who won the Battle of the Wilderness?

the battle of the wilderness was undecisive, or there was no winner.

What is the name of the general who won the battle of wilderness?

Robert E. Lee

Who won the battle in the wildernness?

Not enough info... the wilderness is a big place, and many battles have been been fought in places which could be considered wilderness

Why did union win the battle of wilderness?

They didn't. The battle was a draw, but Lee won a tactical victory when Grant took his army away to the southeast.

Why was grants wilderness campaign successful despite the high casualty toll?

The Wilderness was a battle, not a campaign. It was the first battle of the Overland Campaign (May 1864). Lee had won this battle, but Grant did not retreat. He hung on Lee's flank and eventually crowded him into a corner.

Did the Battle of the Wilderness lead to another war?

The battle of Wilderness led to the battle of Spotsylvania.

Who won the Battle of the Wilderness Campaign?

The victor of the battle was inconclusive and Ulysses kept up his offensive, though. in other words it was a draw and the said the CSA won but then they said the Union had a strategic victory

When did Battle of the Wilderness happen?

Battle of the Wilderness happened in 1864.

Who won the battle of from the wilderness to cold harbor?

Lee was winning the battles, but Grant was winning the war by crowding him into a corner.

Who won the battle in the wilderness?

Lee won a tactical victory, forcing Grant to abandon his lines and move to the east of Lee.

Where was the wilderness battle?

It was in the wilderness near Spotsillevania, VA