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the union

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Q: Who won the civil war in America?
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Would America be the same if the Confederates had won the Civil War?


North won the civil war?

It would depend on which war was being discussed -- there have been many civil wars in many countries and societies.EnglandIn England, the Civil War was won by the Paliamentary forces (Roundheads) in 1646, 1649, and 1651, leading to the execution of Charles I and the 9-year exile of Charles II.United StatesIn the US, the Civil War was won by the North (the Union) in 1865.The American Civil War was won by the United States, i. e., the North.

Who won in the Civil War?

union won the civil war

Who won the civil war which was fought between the union and the confederate of America?

The Union.

What did the end of the civil war mean to the slaves?

After the civil war in America came to an end , then the slaves rejoiced as they won their freedom at last.

In the Civil War who won the battle?

the north won the civil war

What side won the Civil War?

The North won the Civil War

Why north America won the civil war?

because the other continents weren't involved

Who won the north and south Civil War?

The union won the civil war.

Did America win the civil war?

The Union(America) won against the Confederacy at Richmond, Virginia after the confederates surrendered.

Why is the Civil War called America's Civil War?

Because there are other countries that have had civil wars. The difference between Cilvil War and Revolutionary War is the ones who revolted won and the ones who were at Civil unrest lost the War. If the South had won the War, it would have been known as a second Revolutionary War or maybe The Confederate Uprising!

What was different about the American Revolution and the civil war?

American Revolution America was fighting England for it's freedom. While the Civil War America was divided between the North and South, the North Won.

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