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the american won the war

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Q: Who won the second barbary war?
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When did Second Barbary War happen?

Second Barbary War happened in 1815.

What day did the second Barbary war start?

figure it out

Was the Second Barbary War fought?

Yes, it was fought.

When did First Barbary War happen?

First Barbary War happened in 1801.

Where did the barbary war take place?

There were two Barbary wars. The first one lasted from 1801 to 1805 and the second one took place in 1815. Both were fought on the Barbary Coast.

What was America's first overseas war?

The Barbary war. It is also known as the Barbary Coastal war.It was fought against the Barbary States.

How many people died during the Barbary war?

In the first Barbary War there were 74 deaths.

Who won the Barbary Wars?

United States

In the second dino Japanese war who won?

1894 War, Japan won.

Who won the second barons war in 1266?

Edward Longshanks i.e Edward I of England won the second barons war in 1266.

Who won the second word war?


Who won the Second Chinese- Japanese War?

we did