Who wrote the schlieffen plan?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the plan was invented by a count, count Arnold Von Schlieffen

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Q: Who wrote the schlieffen plan?
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In what year was the Schlieffen Plan thought of?

The first version of the Schlieffen Plan was drawn up in 1905.

What was the Germans defensive plan after the Schlieffen plan?

it was to win

Who thought of the schlieffen plan?

The Schlieffen plan was thought of by Alfred Von Schlieffen It was thought to avoid a two-front war, basically to avoid getting into fights on both sides of Germany

Was the Schlieffen Plan a blitzkrieg?


Who came up with the Schlieffen plan?

The Schlieffen Plan was a battle plan by Germany to secure victory in the event of a war with France and Russia. It was drawn up by Count von Schlieffen in 1905 when he was the German Chief of Staff.

In what year did Germany introduce a plan which included attacking France in the event of a Russian attack on Germany?

In 1905, known as the Schlieffen Plan, the German, Von Schlieffen drew up a plan of action that involved attacking France through Belgium if Russia made an attack on Germany.

What was schlieffen country trying to avoid by implementing the schlieffen plan?

Schlieffen country(germany) was trying to avoid two wars on two fronts

Who changed the schlieffen plan?

Von Moltke

What was the name of the plan Germany had to deal with the FrancoRussian Alliance?

The Schlieffen Plan

What was Germany's plan on to win world war 1?

Schlieffen Plan

Name of the two front war plan by Germany in World War 1?

"The Schlieffen Plan". Named for the general commanding the Imperial German Army when the plan was developed, a generation before WWI.the schlieffen plan

This man was the planner of the German attack on Paris through belgium?

Count Alfred von Schlieffen developed the plan of attack on Paris through Belgium. The plan became known as the Schlieffen Plan.