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The idea to form the league of nations came from President Woodrow Wilson

Actually the idea for forming the league of nations was originated by Sir Edward Grey while he was British Foreign Secretary.

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After the end of the WWI, the Big Four' (LLoyd George, Vittorio Orlando, Georges Clemenceau, and Woodrow Wilson met to discuss the what should be done to bring stability to Europe and to punish Germany for the damage it caused by the war. It was woodrow Wilson who had devised a 14 point plan for settling the European affairs. One of the 14 points recommended to form the League of Nations to protect world peace in the futureby giving countries a chance to settle their truobles paecefullyrather than fighting.

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Q: Whose idea was the forming of the league of nations in World War 1?
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Main purpose of the league of nations?

The League of Nations was formed on 1919.It was one of the terms agreed on the Versailles treaty.The main purpose of forming the League of Nations was to maintain the world peace and to prevent the occurrence of another world war after the first one.Also the league of nations was to enforce the terms and the punishment agreed on Germany as the causer of the first world war.

What international body was formed after World War 1?

The League of Nations.

Which US president proposed forming an association of nations to maintain peace?

Woodrow Wilson dreamed of a League of Nations that would police the world and prevent future wars.

What was Wilson's organization for settling world problems?

The organization Woodrow Wilson proposed in 1919 for settling world problems was The League of Nations. It was the precursor to the United Nations.

What international organization was made after ww1 to preserve world peace?

The League of Nations is the name of the organization that President Wilson set up for the preservation of peace after World War 1.

Was the League of Nations active during World War 2?

the league of nations was like the untited nations

What was the name of the empire whose collapse after world war 1 resulted in the League of Nations granting Great Britain a mandate to administer Palestine?


Is a league of nations correct grammar?

League of Nations is correct. It is a collection of nations that have joined together, in order to promote World Peace.

Wilson's organization to maintain lasting world peace was called the?

The League of Nations (LON) .

What Peace keeping body failed to prevent world war 2?

The League of Nations was the peace-keeping body that failed to prevent war. The organization was founded on January 10, 1920 at the end of the First World War.

What was the league of nations equivalent after World War 2?

The United Nations.

What is the name of world organization that replaced the league of nations after world war 2?

The United Nations.