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Q: Whose stance against Hitler was most significant in mobilizing the allied powers?
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Who rebeled against Hitler?

Nobody ever rebeled against htler. The allied forces: french, british and Americans(later in the war) were against Hitler but never rebeled against him

Was Adolf Hitler axis or allied?

Adolf Hitler was in the axis power because he fought against the united states and was not an ally to us.

Who was the allied leader who constantly pushed the US and Britain to open a second front against Hitler?


Did the west feel threatened when Hitler allied with the US?

The US never allied with Hitler you plonker

Summarize the arguments for and against an allied invasion of France before 1944?

An argument for an allied invasion of France before 1944 was that quicker Hitler was forced to fight two fronts the quicker he would be defeated. An argument against an allied invasion was that it would be too expensive and risky.

Who were the significant leaders for the axis and allied powers?

Allied powers: USA-Roosevelt, Britain- Churchill, Soviet Union- Stalin Axis Powers: Germany- Hitler, Italy- Mussolini, Japan- Hideki Tojo

Who was on Hitler's list?

Allied force

What German general was sent to France to bolster the German defenses against an Allied invasion?

Assuming you're referring to bolstering the German defenses known as the "Atlantic Wall", Hitler sent Gen Erwin Rommelto defend against the expected Allied invasion //

Was Adolph Hitler allied or axis?


Was Adolf Hitler a allied or axispower?

Hitler was leader of Nazi Germany, which was an axis power.

What allied power was formerly an ally of Hitler?


What three countries were against Hitler in d day?

The British, Americans and Canadians were the main allied combatants of the D-Day invasion, there were no doubt others, but these were the main three.