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The czar was spending all Russia's money on the war instead of helping the suffering people and hundreds of Russian soldiers were being killed everyday of the war.

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Q: Why Russian people wanted the tsar to withdraw from 1 world war?
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How did the destruction of Russian industries after World War 1 become one of the cause of resentment of people?

I do no

Why did government of kerensky fail?

The Provisional Government (PG) lost legitimacy with the Russian people because it failed to remedy the problems that led to the overthrow of the Tsarist regime in the first place: an end to World War 1, more food and manufactured good and a redistribution of land to the peasant farmers. This was mainly because the PG was composed of ministers who were more dedicated to retaining the basic social structure of Russia except for the abolition of the autocratic Tsarist rule in favor of a democratic constitutional rule. The Russian people wanted an end to Russia's involvement in World War 1, but the PG continued the war to protect its own interests. The Russian people wanted an end to shortages of food and manufactured goods, but the PG was unable to do that. The Russian people wanted a redistribution of land from its owners to the peasant farmers that worked it, but the PG wouldn't do that until the planned Constituent Assembly was convened. From the time the PG took control after the February 1917 revolution until the October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, the Bolshevik Party agitated against the PG among soldiers, workers and peasants to the point where the Bolshevik Party was seen more and more as the only party who would honor the ideals of the February Revolution. The PG was simply more of the Tsarist regime, except that it was run by several ministers instead of one Tsar.

Who were the slavs during World War 2?

People of Russian decent, including those in Poland, Serbia, Romania, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

What are names of Russian soldiers during World War 1?

Russia was one of the few countries that participated in both World War I and World War II. During World War I the Russian army was known as the Cossacks.

How did ww1 affect the Russian people and their relationships with their government?

World War 1 sparked a hatred for the government of Russia by their people. This eventually led to the Russian Revolution of 1917. I have a short paper that i have written on the topic if you would like to know a little of what happen to Russia between the two World wars. leave me a comment and i will post the paper if you would like.

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What was one of the most important causes of the Russian Revolution of 1917?

Answer this question… Czar Nicholas II's refusal to withdraw from World War I

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What is the Russian ethnic diversity?

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How many Russian soldiers died in World War 1?

6,928,382 Russian people died in world war one.

What did Russian people do after World War 2?

suffered under communism

Why did England get into World War 1?

Britain eentered a treaty with France and the Russian Empire; when they were entered into the war, Britain had (and wanted) to follow.

Did the World War 1 cause the Russian Revolution?

No. It may have aided and abetted in that it showed the weakness of themonarchy. Lenin was facilitated in his efforts because Germany had muchto gain by causing Russian forces to withdraw and quell unrest at home.

What does Romania want from world war 1?

Romania wanted to obtain freedom for the Romanian territories occupied by Austrian, Hungarian, Russian invaders.

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What happened to Russian people during World War 2?

they have a dolours and bloody Sunday !: