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Victorian homes are dark because they have high ceilings and narrow windows. People of that era used several lanterns in each room.

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Q: Why are Victorian homes so dark?
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How did they heat their homes in Victorian times?

they used a stove

What was the types of homes in rich Victorian children?

Victorian homes of the rich were very large and most likely full of nooks and crannies for children to play and hide. See the links below for some photos of Victorian mansions.

What state has the most Victorian homes?

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How many south Australian and Victorian homes were destroyed in fires in 1983?

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Did victorian schools have toilets?

Victorian schools did not have toilets inside of them. It was very uncommon for anyone to have toilets inside their homes.

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Why did Victorian children catch rats?

kids were ratcatchers for they were poor and dearly needed money so this grounging in hay and homes led to their nourishment

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Where is the Tennessee Williams Tribute And Tour Of Victorian Homes Inc in Columbus Mississippi located?

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What homes did rich Victorian children live in?

ice land They lived in houses like we do

How did dr banardo help Victorian children?

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Where did Victorian children sleep?

Victorian street cleaners oftenly slept in rough dark allyways and harsh farms.