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Because they had totally different beliefs. It was either destroy the 'different poeple' (Jews, Homosexuals,homeless,etc.) or let the people go free. Which one would you think? The side you disagree with were perpared to kill you, child or not, they would not care.

Edit: You're smattering. There are much more other reasons. I'm really scared about the naivete of the most people in wiki answers ...

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Q: Why couldn't the allied powers and axis powers make peace?
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Why was it important for no individual allied powers to make peace with the axis countries?

He was the enemy of the allied countries

How were Jews liberated?

With the Allied powers defeating the Axis powers in WWII.

Who was Benito Mussolini allied with?

he was allied with the axis powers.

Who were in the Axis Powers Allied Powers?

The Allied powers were Britain, France, Russia, the United States, Canada and Australia. The Axis powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Was Fransisco Franco allied or axis?

He was from the axis powers.

Is the Pearl Harbor axis or allied powers?


What did the axis powers do?

they went against the allied powers

Which totalitarian leader was initially allied with the Axis Powers and then switched his alliance to the Allied Powers?

Stalin .

What are the powers called in World War 2?

Axis Powers / Allied Powers .

What powers were in World War 2?

The Allied Powers, Axis powers, and the Neutral Powers

What are the allied and the axis Powers?

The Axis is over.The Allies are Britain and America.

Who where the great powers during World War 2?

The Soviet Union (who began on the side of the Axis Powers then later joined the Allied Powers after Hitler launched an attack on her) The United States (Allied Powers) Great Britain (Allied Powers) Germany (Axis Powers) Japan (Axis Powers) Italy (Axis Powers) France was also involved as one of the Allied Powers but ended up not being much of a great power after she was overtaken and occupied by Germany near the beginning of the war.