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MONEY Any war is expensive if you are the country fighting it. But to have a large war around, and not be fighting one either side; one has a magnificent market for any and all produce used to maintain the combatents.

Americans are experiencing a war now; and paying for it at the same time; that sort of war, you had better be staying out of.

England's fighting in WW2, before America entered the war; cost her a bucket, and it was the beginning of the end of the British Empire. and sacrificed her world leadership position.

A better question is 'why did the US get involved at all?' The war was strictly a European affair, a mess the great powers got themselves into through interlocking alliances and stupidity. The US had pro-British prejudices because it was culturally and linguistically connected to Britain. There were strong financial connections as well, which became even stronger as the war progressed and the US became the chief war material and food supplier to the British, growing extremely wealthy in the process. Russia, allied with Britain and France, collapsed and signed a separate peace treaty with Germany and Austria Hungary in early 1917, virtually guaranteeing a total German victory and threatening major changes in the established world order. The US was unwilling to have this happen, and declared war on Germany in April 1917. Submarine warfare had almost nothing to do with the US entry into the war, and 'democracy' had absolutely nothing to do with the American decision. That was simple Propaganda.

---------- The us also wanted to stay neutral because one third of the population was made-up of European immigrants, and president Wilson did not want the different nationalities waging war on each other within the US.

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Most Americans felt that the war in Europe didn't concern us. The confrontations were based upon the histories of individual European countries and not with us.

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because the american dint have enough resourses to fights the war there army was very small and they dint have the money they needed to pay for the war........

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Q: Why did America originally want to remain neutral?
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Why might the US want to remain neutral towards conflicts in Europe?

After WWII, and before the invasion of Pearl Harbor the US committed to remain neutral toward conflicts in Europe because they want to be a peaceful nation. In addition, the American people have voiced there opinion asking the US to remain neutral on conflicts in Europe.

Can you use neural in a sentence?

I don't want to take sides so I will remain neutral.

Why wasn't Switzerland involved in the World Wars?

Because it (Switzerland) preferred to remain neutral and also because the major powers allowed it to remain neutral so they could use it as a safe banking center and a go-between country in case they want to negotiate or meet to wheel and deal.

What argument might the netural colonists in the village use to try to persuade the others that the village should remain neutral?

Many of the Neutral Colonists in the village did not want to go to war against the king and Great Britain.

Proclamation of neutrality 1793?

This was a proclamation made by George Washington that assured America would remain neutral in the war between Britain and France. Since Washington did not want to get into the war, he remained neutral. It angered many Jeffersonians (the pro-French who thought that they should fight with them).

What were some arguments that supported the decision of the us to remain neutral?

The war was a European war. The expense to build armaments was massive. Americans did not want to bury other Americans.

Why did Madison want the US to remain neutral during the War of 1812?

he wanted to stay neutrual in the war 1812 because his army was weak

Why might the US have wanted to remain neutral when war enveloped Europe?

They just fought in world war I and they lost so many people and they didn't want to loose more.

Why did some European nations want Texas to remain independent?

Great Britain wanted Texas to remain independant because if Texas was added to the U.S., the U.S. would become more powerful in North America.

Refusal to take part in a war?

You need to clarify this question. Are you asking about conscientous objectors or countries who want to remain neutral and stay out of a war? A conscientious objector can object all he or she wants to as long as there is no draft.

What did America want from El Salvador during the cold war?

To remain non-communist. Castro had been sending Lieutenants down there to stir up the region.

Did the US want to be neutral after World War 2?

not really, after WWI they had large death count, and they didn't want to see that again, but after WWII America became a world power, and wasn't afraid of pushing countries around, except Russia.