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He has never been proved more abundantly right for he gave us six months of peace in which Channon rearmed, and he was right to try appeasement.

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Q: Why did Channon claim appeasement was the right policy?
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What was the policy of appeasement and did it work?

There are many reasons which do justify appeasement and also many reasons that don't justify appeasement. Firstly, appeasement was justified because many military experts in Britain calculated that there would be over 1 million deaths in the first 60 days of war if war broke out in September 1938. This meant that many people wanted to have a negotiated peace because Britain was not ready for war. Furthermore, appeasement was justified because Britain wanted to play for time so she could rearm and massively increase the number of men in the army (through conscription) and the number of RAF planes. This also links to the calculations made by the military experts as Britain knew that if they did not rearm then many civilians would die in air raids. Instead, politicians knew that buying time would decrease that risk. However, appeasement was not justified because only 7% of the British population believed that Hitler would not demand to take over any other European countries. This meant that 93% of the population thought Hitler would take land that was not rightfully German which would inevitably result in war. Furthermore, appeasement was not justified because giving in to Hitler's demands at the Munich Conference meant that Hitler would have more confidence and perhaps take a gamble to demand more land in the future. This also links to the fact that Germany would become much stronger through appeasement which would make it much harder to defeat a stronger Germany in the future. In my overall opinion, I don't think appeasement was justified because it gave Hitler the confidence to demand more land. This was evident when Hitler demanded the Polish Corridor and Danzig in August 1939, which eventually resulted in war. The public opinion in Britain also was a reason to abandon appeasement because many thought Hitler would demand further, which did happen, and this links to the point I said about Hitler growing more confident and stronger. However, the possible death toll in the first 60 days of a war was incredibly high if Britain did not play for time and rearm.

What was the failure of appeasement?

German leaders could not be trusted to honor agreements with other countries.

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Why did Halifax claim appeasement was the right policy?

it found a country and commonwealth wholly united within itself, and that no alternative remained.

Was appeasement the right policy in England in 1938?

The UK government had no choice but to offer appeasement in 1938 because its Armed Forces were so small there was nothing that they could do against Germany who had been preparing for war since 1933.

What After reading Documents C D and E create a hypothesis to answer to question Was appeasement the right policy for England in 1938 Cite evidence from the documents to support your answer?

i dont know

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How would Neville Chamberlain have defended the policy of appeasement?

It was an attempt to avoid war. Nobody wanted to go through all of that death and destruction, yet when an enemy is intent on destroying you, you must fight. In the case of Germany, they were intent on ruling all of Europe and eventually the world. No amount of appeasement would have deterred Hitler. He believed it to be the Aryan right. It's a lesson we should have learned. No amount of appeasement will deter radical Islam. They too are intent on ruling the world.

How did the allies know appeasement failed?

Appeasement was a controversial strategy right out of the gate. Hitler and his German war machine had already broken a number of conventions. Ultimately what defeated the appeasement proposal was the obstinance of Winston Churchill. What deemed it a failure was the invasion of Poland.

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