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China was invaded, at least in part, by Japan

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Japan was their common enemy.

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Q: Why did China side with allies during World War 2?
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Which side did France side with during World War 2?


Was China on hitlers side?

No. China was fighting Japan, Hitler's ally, in World War 2. China supported the Allies.

Who is side was England on during World War 2?

the allies

Which side was the US on during the world war 2?

The Allies .

Which side was Poland on during world war 2?


Which side did you fight on during world war II allies or axis?

I didn't fight at all, which side did you fight on.

Was the US on the allies side during World War 1?


Whose side did the Chinese fight during World War 2?

The Allies .

What country changed allies during world war 1?

Italy was once on the German side, but changed to the Allies. i think...

Did Japan or china win World War 2 Why?

China was on the ally side of the way while Japan was on the axis side. Since the allies won, China is credited with victory as well, and Japan is credited with defeat.

What were Britain's US troops and that side called during World War 2?

The Allies

Which side where the soviets on during World War 2?

They sided with the allies: USA, Great Britain, France, Canada, And others