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because they disagreed with him

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Q: Why did Hitler burn books?
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What did Hitler do with the Jewish books?

he got rid of them burn them all....

Why did Hitler burn Helen Keller's books?

cause he didn't like her name

How many books did Hitler burn?

Ther were no records kept of the number of books that were burned by the Nazis, but it was probably millions.

What books did Hitler and the Nazis burn?

Hitler banned books written by Jews or anything that attacked German ideals. The University of Arizona has an exhibit.

Which kind of books did Hitler and the Nazi's burn?

It was a campaign hatched out by German Student Union to burn books in Nazi, Germany and Austria. Books burned were authored by classical liberals, Jewish, socialist and others whose writings were considered subversive.

Why do people burn books?

As the is An Adolf Hitler question. The Nazi's burned the books to show the hatred to the Jews 20,000 books were burned many by Jews and others like si-fi they didint like imagination also albert ensteins works were burnt because he was a Jew. "Where they burn books, at the end they also burn people" 1823 Heinrich Heine shows how right that is about the Nazis

Can you burn books?

Yes you can, but I would not recommend it. It is a highly controversial thing to do, especially if you are burning a religious book. People like Adolph Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan burned books.

When did Shi Huangdi burn Confucius's books?

did shi huangdi burn books

Why did Hitler burn the Berliner Philharmonie?

Hitler burned it to start a war.

Why did Hitler want to burn lots of books in the war?

Books contain ideas and ideas help people think. He didn't want people think or to be educated. It is easier to control people if they don't think.

What did Hitler do with books?

Burned them.

Did Hitler burn Bibles?

It is possible but being that Hitler was originally Christian he may of had not.

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