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Depends on what you mean by Bad thing because their is many views of bad. During the reign of the the Third Reich, what we think of bad was good to the Germans. Hitler encourages some people to do thing such as killing and beating people because Hitler wanted to free Europe from Jews and communism. Hitler encouraged people because, He knew they would listen to him. The listen because Hitler was their leader and Hitler was an inspiration to all the German's. The Germans were inspired by Hitler because, of the positive things Hitler done.

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Q: Why did Hitler encourage people to do bad things?
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What were the bad things Hitler did to Russia?

He killed many people!

What bad things did Hitler do for Germany?


What would have happened to England if Hitler had won?

Bad things.

What factors led to Hitler's hatred of Jewish people?

being around germains caused him to blame jews for alot of bad things

Did Hitler bury people alive?

yes, Hitler was a bad man. He did bad stuff. He did lots of bad stuff. He is a bad man. no, he was a politician not a manual labourer.

Was Hitler such a bad guy?

No. Hitler was not a bad person. Only his SS and his army was bad. They did all the killings. Hitler killed no body. He adored people (Germans in general) and he loved animals. He had a dog called "blondie"

Why would some people of Germany not vote for Hitler?

Because Hitler is bad man and he want to kill the Jews people.

If good people always do good things and bad people always do bad things why does religion make good people do bad things?

Seriously, religion doesn't make people do bad things.

Why Hitler was bad man?

he was a bad man because he killed Meany Meany people

How did Adolf Hitler treat the people of Germany?

in a bad way

What was Adolf Hitler like as a dictator?

He was a good leader for Germany as he brought its economy and people back, but he also did many bad things that unfortunately overpower the good he did.

Why do people say Hitler was a bad person?

Probably because he killed people for no reason.