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Labor Shortage
In early 1865 the Central Pacific had work enough for 4,000 men. Yet contractor Charles Crocker barely managed to hold onto 800 laborers at any given time. Most of the early workers were Irish immigrants. Railroad work was hard, and management was chaotic, leading to a high attrition rate. The Central Pacific management puzzled over how it could attract and retain a work force up to the enormous task. In keeping with prejudices of the day, some Central Pacific officials believed that Irishmen were inclined to spend their wages on liquor, and that the Chinese were also unreliable. Yet, due to the critical shortage, Crocker suggested that reconsideration be given to hiring Chinese. He encountered strong prejudice from foreman James Harvey Strobridge

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they were more paceable and hardworking than white laborers which made them imporatnt .

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Q: Why did Leland Stanford believe that Chinese laborers were important to the completion of the railroad?
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The California based railroad comapany headed by leland Stanford that employed Chinese laborers in building lines across the mountains?

The Central Pacific Railroad used Chinese laborers in building the first transcontinental railroad over the mountain.

The california based railroad company headed by Leland Stanford that employed chinese laborers in building lines across the mountains?

The Central Pacific Railroad.

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Why did Leland Stanford create Stanford University?

he was a railroad developer

Which development was most important to the settlement of the west?

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What did leland Stanford do?

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What was the California-based railroad headed by Leland Stanford?

The Central Pacific Railroad.

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Did the provisions in the transcontinental railroad bill included the right of railroad companies to conscript laborers?


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