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i dont know why are you bad a grammar bellend

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Q: Why did Lloyd George didn't like Haig?
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What did david Lloyd George want?

He wanted to charge the Germans reparations like the French did but he wanted the German economy to develop so the reparations he seeked were less than that the French wanted. Lloyd George wanted this because in future years he saw Germany as an important trading partner. He also opposed Woodrow Wilson's idea of self-determination because like the French he seeked to preserve his own countries empire.

Was General Douglas Haig of World War 1 a war winner or a butcher?

That is hard to answer. He was a product of his time, a typical colonial officer. Germany, his opponent, had been winning land, continental wars since Napoleon, and had worked out a far better system of land warfare, especially in the defense. Haig, a colonial officer like all the others, had no idea of a modern war. Haig never learned that infantry assaults against well fortified bunkers with machine guns was a recipe for disaster. He did not win the war, it took all the Allies France, Britain, US and Belgium on the Western Front to win it. The Prime Minister David Lloyd George despised him and saw to it after the war that he never held another active post. So it depends on who you ask. I think he was a butcher, but when he offered to step down during the conflict, the British government had no other suitable officer to replace him. They were stuck with him.

What is the difference between allied view of armistice and German reaction to armistice?

The Germans didn't like the idea of an armistice, but knew it was needed. The allies were likely to take a more conciliatory approach when compared to the likes of Georges Clemenceau and Lloyd George.

Who invented the first flag?

the Romans but they didnt look like our flags today

Why was field marshal haig a good leader?

Field Marshall Haig was also considered a good leader rather than being a butcher because of two reasons. Firstly, he knew what he had to do to save the country, he sacrificed the lives of the soldiers to protect the other thousand lives in Britain. This is shown when Field Marshall Haig says, " losses are bound to be heavy on both sides, for in the price of victory is paid." Moreover, this is portrayed when Field Marshall Haig encourages his men when he says, " no superiority of arms and ammunition however great will enable victories to be won without sacrifice of men's lives." Secondly, the methods he used in the war were very wise and in line with that period of time. Other than that he was a total butcher because he sent thousands to their deaths and spoke about it like if it was no big deal, in my opinion he was not a great leader.

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