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Douglas failed to realize the enormity of the slave issue as well as opposition of slavery in the north. He opened the issue of letting states decide for themselves whether they should allow slavery. After slavery was voted in, a bloody insurrection between pro and anti slavery groups came about in Kansas. Douglas denounced the use of his rhetoric for political purposes and denounced President Buchanan who recognized Kansas as a slave state.

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Q: Why did Stephen Douglas's atempts to shove aside the conflict over slavery fail?
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What decision made popular sovereignty a national policy for dealing with slavery?

The Kansas-Nebraska Act, promoted by Stephen Douglass.

What is it called when Letting each state vote whether to have slavery or not?

Popular sovereigntysee Wikipedia article on Stephen A. Douglass for more information.

What did Stephen a Douglass think about slavery?

Stephen A. Douglas believed in the concept of popular sovereignty, which allowed residents of a territory to decide whether or not to permit slavery. He believed this approach would help avoid conflicts over the issue of slavery in new territories.

Who was the Leading northern democrats whose presidential hopes fell victim to the conflict over slavery?

Stephen A. Douglas

How do Jacobs' descriptions of slavery's abuses--and the pathways to freedom--differ from Douglass'?

Jacobs' descriptions of slavery's abuses was he was all for it. Douglass however was not into the slavery abuse.

Was Stephen Douglass pro or anti slavery?

Stephen Douglas supported popular sovereignty, which allowed territories to decide whether to allow slavery. He believed in letting each territory make its own choice on the issue of slavery, rather than imposing a federal decision. Overall, his position on slavery was complex and evolved over time, leading to criticism from both pro and anti-slavery groups.

Was Frederick Douglass born into slavery?

Yes he was born into slavery.

What did Frederick Douglass do to stop slavery?

when did Frederick Douglass help end slaves

Did Frederick Douglass want slavery?

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Did Lincoln or Douglass oppose to slavery?

Neither of the two were opposed to slavery.

What obstacles Fredrick Douglass have to overcome?

Frederick Douglass was born into slavery. He was torn from his mother and grandmother. He went on to help the country by stopping segregation and slavery.

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