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I think we didn't go into a depression because we loaned weapons to the Allies during the beginning of World War 2. The money we received after the war kept us out of a depression.

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Q: Why did US not go into depression after world war 2?
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Why was it not possible for the US to go back to a policy of isolationism after world war 1?

After World War I, the US was plunged into the Great Depression. In order to protect its economy and physical security, they had to participate abroad.

Why did Canada not go into depression after World War 2?

Not sure why Canada would have fallen into a depression after the war when it was that very war that pulled the world (particularly the US) out of the depression. Canada's economy and the U.S. economy have always been tightly linked so when the U.S. was suffering under the depression in the 1930s, Canada's economy suffered as well. When the war pulled the U.S. out of the depression, its largest trading partner, Canada, flourished along with it.

Did Canada go back into recession after World War 1?

Yes, Canada suffered through the Great Depression during the 1930s. This was after World War I but before World War II.

Who did the US go to war with in World War 2?


How did world 2 end the depression?

It did not end the depression. We did have a lot of people go to work that had been unemployed, but that came from the government spending money on things for war. The funds that the government spent came from taxes paid by citizens. At the end of the war, we were really still in a depression, but we had built up manufacturing capability (to make the tools of war). So when the huge amounts of people all over the world needed to buy goods to rebuild after the war, the US was in a good position to sell them those items - that did solve the depression.

Why did the US decide to stay isolated from forgeign affairs in World War 2?

The American people did not want to go through another war. the U.S. also didn't have the finances to pay for another war, considering we were in the great depression at this time.

What did the us go into World War 1?

they were bored

Why did the US go to war with Germany in World War 2?

They were an ally of Japan

What was the us involvement in world war 11?

The US is not yet involved in world 11. The next world war should be WWIII so they have a way to go.

Why did America go to war World War 1?

The US entered the war for a variety of reasons

In what side did the US go in for world war 1?


When did the US go to War World 1?

The US entered World War 1 on April 6, 1917. It remained in the war until it ended about a year and a half later.