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to defend their lands against white settlers

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Q: Why did little turtle form a confederacy?
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What leader of the Miami Confederacy was replaced?

It is a likely reference to Little Turtle.

Who led Miami Confederacy of Native Americans against the US?

Little Turtle!

Which leader of Miami confederacy was replaced after he urged his allies to make peace with general Wayne?

Little turtle

How did Little Turtle get his name?

His father was mishikinakwa and that stood for turtle and got the name little turtle

Who was the leader of the Miami people?

Little Turtle

Who belonged Iroquois confederacy?

A guy named Deganawidah helped form the confederacy.

What was Little Turtle chief famous for?

why is litttle turtle famos

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no the big turtle would eat him

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What is the phone number of the Little Turtle Branch in Fort Wayne?

The phone number of the Little Turtle Branch is: 260-421-1335.

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