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Communist North Vietnam wanted to unite with NON-Communist South Vietnam.

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Q: Why did north Vietnam and south Vietnam go into war?
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When did the US go to war in Vietnam?

Guerrilla war in South Vietnam '55; conventional war with North Vietnam '64.

Why did United States go to war with north Vietnam?

To prevent them from conquering South Vietnam.

Why did the Vietnam and the United States go in to war?

There was no "Vietnam" during the Vietnam War. Communist NORTH Vietnam was attacking non-communist SOUTH Vietnam, and the US was trying to drive the communists out of South Vietnam...trying to stop communist aggression. It's called the Vietnam War because it's a lot easier to say, and less confusing...than to say "South Vietnam War" or "North Vietnam War", so some people go so far as to say the war in Southeast Asia instead.

Why did Australia go to the Vietnam War?

Cause if Australia didn't, the communist in North Vietnam would separate south to Australia.

Who did the US go against in the Vietnam war?

In the Vietnam War the US opposed the invasion of South Korea by North Korea. The fighters from North Korea, who used guerilla tactics, were known as the Viet Cong.

Why did north and south Vietnam go to war in 1964?

They were fighting long before '64...they started in the mid 50's. Communist North V. wanted to take over the Republic of South Vietnam (which they ultimately did).

Winner of the war?

North Vietnam. Actually, the credit should go to the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) they did all the work. The NVAF (North Vietnamese Air Force) did a lot of work too; but they were DEFENDING North Vietnam. Not invading South Vietnam.

Where to go in Vietnam south or north?

This depends on your purpose of tourism. North Vietnam is the most popular of the two destinations.

What happened during the vietnamese war?

what happen was north vietnam and south vietnam were fighting. The u.s helped south vietnam by boming north vietnam later the president of the u.s sign a paper saying that all souldiers in vietnam should go back to the u.s alot of ppl got injured or hurt in that war.............. ps I came from vietnam and cam speak the launged fluetly (-:

What was the agreement that the us would go further into the Vietnam war?

The Tonkin Gulf Resolution: It commenced open warfare between the United States and North Vietnam.Prior to the TG Resolution there was only war in South Vietnam; it was a guerrilla war and did not openly involve North Vietnam...nor was North Vietnam openly bombed by US aircraft.No, Ike did (Eisenhower).

Why did the south and north vietnamese go to war?

The north wanted to conquer the south (and did).

Why did American combat troops go to Vietnam?

To stop communist aggression. To preserve the Republic of South Vietnam (from being conquered by North Vietnam).

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