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Besides the US; Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines sent COMBAT units to Vietnam.

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The US , North and South Vietnam .

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Q: What was the role of each country involved in the Vietnam War?
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What was the french's role in the Vietnam war?

They fought a war there to retain the country.

Did the us stance on communision play a huge role in getting involved in the Vietnam war?

It was the only role. Otherwise the US would have stayed out of it.

In the 60s and early 70s Vietnam played in America's history?

In the early 60s and 70s the Vietnam played an important role in the American history. They were involved in a number of fights that eventually helped the US become a world force to reckon.

How has the Vietnam War played a role in the current presidential election campaigns?

The name (term) "Vietnam" is brought up by politicians when entering something negative into the debate. Such as, "...why are you saying this? Are you trying to get us involved into another "Vietnam" or something?" Or, "...well, we couldn't that! That might cause another "Vietnam"!"

Explain the role of the various presidents in the Vietnam War from Truman to Nixon?

Each escalated it, alittle a time.

Were American troops still in Vietnam when it became a communist country?

No. U.S. and allied forces left Vietnam in April, 1973 and South Vietnam took on the role of defending their country on their own. Communist tanks rolled into the South's capital of Saigon just two years later, in April 1975 and accepted the surrender of South Vietnam's Premier.

How did America end its role in Vietnam?

They withdrew from South Vietnam in defeat.

Role of Vietnam's neighbors in Vietnam war?

All were officially neutral.

What role did the former war in Vietnam play in president clinton's decisions regarding foreign policy?

The Vietnam War influenced Clinton's foreign policy because it served as a lesson. He observed that you should not get involved in the business of warlords without careful consideration.

How did the evolution of infantry weapons play a role in the Cold War?

As the name implies, the Cold War involved very little shooting. Infantry weapons played no substantial role. Hot wars, such as Vietnam and Afghanistan DID employ Infantry weapons.

What was Eisenhowers role in the Vietnam War?

He introduced the first US Military Advisers to the country, intelligence support and Air America.

Did the US stance on communism play a large role in its decision to get involved in Vietnam?

Absolutely. The war was entirely based upon the principle of containing communism.